The Team

The Right Team to Deliver

Having a passionate and highly driven team means that we always deliver results you can be proud of and that are considered exemplary within the industry.

We work around the clock to ensure you achieve an inspiring result.

Dan O'Donnell

Daniel O’Donnell
BSc (Hons) Estate Management
Founder & Managing Director
T: 01789 266299
E: [email protected]

Nick Carr

Nick Carr
BA (Hons), MA
Operations Director
T: 01789 295 462
E: [email protected]

Dan Hatcher

Daniel Hatcher
Planning Director
T: 01789 613 709
E: [email protected]

John Breese

John Breese
BSc, MSc, Assoc RTPI
Planning Manager
T: 01789 613 716
E: [email protected]

Hellie Dullehan
Business Development
T: 01789 613 453
E: [email protected]

Jonny Gill

Jonny Gill
BSc (Hons), MSc, Assoc RTPI
T: 01789 269 826
E: [email protected]

Team - Katrina Briggs

Katrina Briggs
T: 01789 868 211
E: ka[email protected]

Team-Ugne Staskauskaite

Ugne Staskauskaite
BSc(Hons), MSc, Assoc RTPI
T: 01789 868 452
E: [email protected]

Karen Garner
Business Support Manager
T: 01789 294 520
E: [email protected]