Planning permission granted for 5 detached dwellings on Stonor Park Road in Solihull

Rosconn Developments are delighted to have secured Planning Permission for 5 detached dwellings on Stonor Park Road in Solihull. This followed refusal by the Borough Council for this and a revised scheme of four dwellings, despite its officers recommending both be approved.

Appeals were subsequently lodged and both were allowed. Having identified the opportunity and secured agreement with the landowners, Rosconn designed a scheme that fully accorded with the Local Plan and which will help contribute to the Borough’s lack of a 5-year housing land supply.

We are particularly delighted given that builders and property developers had unsuccessfully endeavoured to assemble the land ownerships and obtain planning permission over a 16 year period.

The Rosconn special formula provided the differentiator that changed it from a nice idea to a reality!

Rosconn Developments Stonor Park Road in Solihull
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